Step Down Golf Tees

Available in White, Natural or an Assorted Color Mix!

short step down tees
2 1/8" Short Step Down Tees
standard size step down tees
2 3/4" Standard Size Step Down Tees
long step down tees
3 1/4" Extra Long Step Down Tees

Why do golfers use Step Down Golf Tees?
One major problem facing every golfer is to tee their ball at the correct height. This is critical because to optimize a golf club's potential, the club must contact the golf ball in the "sweet spot" of the club. If the sweet spot is not contacted, the distance that the golf ball travels diminishes greatly. Step Down golf tees help golfers tee their golf balls at consistent heights every time thus eliminating one crucial variable in the swing.

How do Step Down Golf Tees work?
Each tee is shaped like an hour glass with a little peg protruding from underneath. The golf ball rests atop the top of the tee. The bottom peg of the step tee gets inserted into the ground and then serves as a limit stop once the tee gets pushed in to the bottom of the hour glass part, it can't go in any further. This is what sets a consistent tee height every time!

What are Step Down Tees constructed with?
Each tee is quality made from a premium hard wood.

How many different sizes of Step Down Tees are there?
Currently they are available in 3 different sizes. There are 2 & 1/8", 2 & 3/4", and 3 & 1/4" versions of wooden step tees.

Are there different colors of Step Down Tees?
Yes. We offer each size in 3 colors; white, natural, or an assorted color mix.

Do Step Down Tees go by any other names?
Step down tees are often just referred to as "step tees" or "castle golf tees."

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