Product Description

The Ti-Tee has a NO RESISTANCE PIVOTING ACTION. The Ti-Tee Top pivots on a stainless steel recessed pin. The pin is offset forward causing the Ti-Tee Top to remain vertical when a ball is place on it.

The Ti-Tee Top is therefore held vertical by Gravity, No Springs, NO Catches, NO Latches, NO FRICTION, just a PURE RELEASE.

When the golf ball is struck, the Ti-Tee Top immediately moves with the ball and out of the way of the ball, NO NEGATIVE SPIN.

The spin on the ball is controlled by your TiTanium driver, the dimples on your golf ball and by your golf swing. This takes away the uncontrolled spin caused by your golf tee.

Pricing Information
# of Packs Ordered Price per Pack
2 $7.95
3 - 6 $6.95
7 - 23 $6.45
24 - 99 $5.95
100 or more $5.45

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Quantity: (2 Ti-Tees per package). Minimum order is 2 packs.

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