Stinger Golf Tees
Ultra Streamlined Wood Tees


Introducing the original famous Stinger golf tee! It's a matter of simple physics. The thinner head and shaft, and shallower cup of the ultra streamlined Stinger golf tee create less resistance, and less of an obstruction than a bulky regular tee.

The golf ball leaves the Stinger tee faster with less spin and flies at a more preferred trajectory, and rolls farther. The result - every shot hit off a Stinger tee will go farther than a shot hit off a regular tee! Robotic testing by Golf Labratories Inc. definitely proved that a golf ball hit off a Stinger "Competition" golf tee traveled an average of 14 yards farther than a ball hit off a regular tee. The "Competion" Stinger Tee has an even thinner shank and smaller diameter cup than the other Stinger Tee models.

The USGA has ruled that Stinger tees are allowable under the rules of golf.

Stinger 2¼" long tees are packaged 105 tees per bag.

Stinger 2¾" PRO XL tees are packaged 85 tees per bag.

Stinger 3" PRO XL "COMPETITION" tees are packaged 80 tees per bag.

Stinger 3¼" PRO XL tees are packaged 75 tees per bag.

Stinger 4" PRO XL "COMPETITION" tees are packaged 58 tees per bag.

Pricing Information
# of Bags Ordered Price per Package
1 $6.95
2 - 5 $5.95
6 - 10 $5.50
11 - 99 $4.95
100 or more $4.75
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