Royal Tees

Product Description
Royal Tees Golf Tee is the first fully flexible golf tee that brings a greater consistency and extra yardage to your drive. This tee is designed from a completely flexible rubber that moves away from the ball on impact, reducing the resistance and spin, ultimately giving you longer and straighter drives.

With their durable rubber construction Royal Tees will last all season, resulting in less waste on the tee boxes from broken and discarded tees, And with the variety of bright colors available, you will never leave a Royal Tee behind.

Another great advantage of the Royal Tee is the consistent ball height. Every time you tee up the ball you're hitting at the same height. This takes out that extra variable in your swing, allowing you to be more consistent and have greater confidence in your game.

Each Royal Tee variety pack has 5 different sizes of Royal Tees, ranging from ½" to 2½" tall. Availble in 5 colors.

Pricing Information
# of Packs Ordered Price per Pack
1 $7.95
2 - 3 $6.95
4 - 11 $6.50
12 - 23 $5.95
24 or more $4.95

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