PROTEE Golf Tees
Metallic Looking Golf Tees
Fun & Safe to Play With!

Product Description
•Distinctive bright & beautiful biodegradable metallic finishes
•Made from eco-friendly recycled and biodegradable plastic
•Much more flexible and durable than standard wood tees
•Low resistance Teflon-like coating for reduced friction
•Slimmer, sleeker design rendering of the "classic" tee
•Perfect for gift giving! 16 (2 & 3/4") golf tees per pack
•Manufactured in USA
Frequently Asked Questions

Are ProTees made of metal? NO! They only look metallic. The metal is a nano-coating of safe aluminum, the same material used as a barrier protection for a bag of chips. The tees are made of 99.9999% plastic/resin based materials.

Will ProTees mark or harm my golf clubs? The ProTees will NOT mark or harm golf clubs. The outer most coating on the tees is actually clear like a golf ball. Even if you aggressively rub a tee on a club you cannot get it to leave a mark like a conventional painted wood golf tee.

Do ProTees conform with USGA Rules? The Protees are USGA compliant. Some people have commented that the cup in the tee looked too flat. This is an optical illusion due to the high reflectivity. The radius of the tee cup is formed with a hardened steel die and is based exactly on the minimum golf ball diameter required by the USGA. Also any golf ball rests comfortably and stable within the cup.

Are ProTees really made in the USA? YES! These product are 100% manufactured in the USA supporting US workers and factories. Even the materials used to form and coat the tees are from 99%+ US derived sources.

Are ProTees lawn mower safe? YES. Tests with lawn mowing equipment showed that our tees "snap" similarly to wooden tees. Our tees will not harm lawn mowing equipment any more than a traditional wooden tee.

Can ProTees be customized? YES. For a surcharge, orders of 200 tees or more can be durable laser marked or ink printed. Call us for details and pricing.


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