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As the largest online seller of golf tees, GolfTees.com has the lowest bulk & retail pack wholesale pricing in the industry. Super low prices along with our superior service & sky high customer satisfaction ratings make us the clear cut choice for all your bulk golf tee & accessory needs.
Retail Packs of golf tees
wood bulk tees 2 & 1/8"
Wood Golf Tees
The most economical
2 &1/8" tees available!

wood bulk golf tees 2 & 3/4"
Wood Golf Tees
The most economical
2 & 3/4" tees available!
wood bulk tees 3 & 1/4"
Wood Golf Tees
The most economical
3 & 1/4" tees available!
15 count bags of tees
Poly Bagged Tees
15 wood tees per bag.
667 bags per box.
Eco Golf Tees Bulk
Eco Golf Bulk Tees
Available in 2 styles
& many sizes.
Bamboo Bulk Golf Tees
Bamboo Bulk Tees
Bamboo golf tees
in 3 sizes
Zero Friction Bulk Tees
Zero Friction Bulk
High Performance
3 & 4 prong tees
Bulk Pride PTS Tees Wholesale
Pride PTS Bulk Tees

PTS bulk golf tees
sold in all 4 sizes
Champ FLYtee bulk
Bulk Champ FLYtees
Choose from My Hite,
FLYtee & FLYtee Pro
Printed golf tees
Printed Golf Tees
Available in Wood tees
& Zero Friction tees
logo poker chip markers
Free Display with
300 or more Chips!
wholesale golf spikes
Wholesale Spikes

SoftSpikes &
Champ Wholesale
fortune cookies for golfers

Frequently asked Wholesale Golf Questions
What is your minimum Wholesale Golf Order?
Our minimum wholesale order is a mere $100. One key thing that differentiates GolfTees.com from other wholesalers is we allow you to mix & match wholesale products to meet the minimum purchase requirement.

Who can order Wholesale Golf Tees & Products?

Golf courses, retail stores, golf tournament planners and those who purchase golf tees for business purposes. Some brands are not allowed to be purchased and sold on ebay, Amazon or discount websites.

What does One Stop Golf Accessories Shop mean?

It means we want to make your life easier! By having one low priced, service concious vendor for golf tees, spikes, scorecards, pencils and more, you can easily save a lot o fo time and money by consolidating your wholesale accessory orders with one GolfTees.com!

There's so many types of tees available today. How do I choose?
With the advent of the high performance and eco-friendly tee categories, selecting the right golf tees to offer your customers can be very confusing. GolfTees.com to the rescue. We have developed a list of our Top Selling golf tees to help you out. Of course you can always call our wholesale tee department for any questions you may have.

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